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If you have never seen a band in a small venue…

If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you don’t know the relief you feel from finally being able to purchase your tickets to the show. You don’t know how it feels to have a wave of anticipation finally roll over you when the day of the concert arrives. If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you haven’t had the experience of having to wait in line for a good spot to see the band. You don’t know how waiting in those lines can create friendships that can last a lifetime. If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you haven’t had to deal with PETA representatives or never have been able to meet bands following the tour trying to promote themselves, having to live off of EP and CD sales to obtain money for food and gas, knowing they are going to grow into a huge success and you’re a part of it. You wouldn’t know the feeling of satisfaction seeing the band’s van and trailer pull around the corner, knowing that it is almost time for you to see your buddies in the band once again.  You wouldn’t know the adrenaline that hits when the line starts to move and you are being let into the venue. How your feet want to run but the security tells you to walk.  If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you don’t know the feeling of defeat when you didn’t make it to the dead center of the front row. You have never been pushed, shoved, kicked, punched, or have your hair pulled by other fans thinking they can get passed the wall of people in front of them. You have never been able to feel the moment of triumph when you get up to the front row through all the jumping and the people behind you shoving you around. You’ve never have fell in love with the opening bands. If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you have never felt your heart flutter when it is time for the headliner to play. Hearing the first few notes of their opening song. Seeing the people that mean so much to you and have bonded with in numerous ways take the stage. Watching their faces light up while they are playing for the crowd. Feeling on top of the world when you make eye contact with members of the band and a wave of recognition and a smile roll over their face. Feeling like a champ as you sing along to every word to all of their songs. When the concert is over you go on a mission to find the band members. If you have never seen a band in a small venue, then you most likely have never met the band members.  You have never created inside jokes or made a lasting impression on them. You wouldn’t know how it feels that even after going months without seeing the members, after they have met hundreds of other fans they remember you. Or even more satisfying, your name and the small details that you told them the last time you saw them. The feeling of friendship. The feeling of family. The feeling of being accepted and being at home with the people who mean so much to you.  If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you can’t possibly know how it feels to swell over with pride when you see how ecstatic the members are in person for their growth as a band. You wouldn’t know the nostalgic feeling when you replay the night in your mind over and over or exchanging stories with a friend who was also there. If you have never seen a band in a small venue, you most likely have never experienced the sad sensation that regular concertgoers call PCD, or Post Concert Depression. You wouldn’t know how these nights can affect people or how they can be the one place that some can forget about their problems. You wouldn’t know how it feels for all of the hype to die down and if you have never seen a band in a small venue, you would never be able to understand the rebirth of anticipation, while you wait till you know the next time you are able to go through this entire process all over again.

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    Yes, Alex, I’d like to choose “my life” for $1000.
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